I am noggingrande

My name is Joe Watkins, and I am noggingrande. For fifteen years I have used my oversized cranium to help people better communicate their big ideas. I have worked as a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a pastor for both students and adults. Through these experiences, I have learned that we all have big ideas we wish we could share more clearly and quickly. I also have learned the old adage, “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” has never been more true.

So I’m pulling together my experience in art, design, theology, and ministry, and I’m stepping out to work with others to clarify their big ideas. Through illustration, sketchnotes, and design, both digitally and on good old fashioned pen and paper, I want to help you bring your big idea to life through visual media.

So, how about it?


What’s your big idea?

Some of My Work

Fifteen years of professional experience as a designer and illustrator, not to mention an almost equal amount of time practicing the craft of sketchnoting, have taught me a lot about making ideas stick. Here are some examples of how I’ve used the traditional tools of graphic design and illustration, as well as the newer method of sketchnoting, to help others communicate their big ideas visually.

Check out more of my work here.

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