noggingrande is me, Joe Watkins.

Beyond that, I wonder at times what my answer to that question ought to be. I was baptized at the age of 6 and I am being saved this very day because of the work Jesus continues to do in me to make me more fully alive, and more fully who I was meant to be in him.

I am married to Gwynne, a woman whose unwavering love and support I could never deserve. We have two sons Micah and Luke who both have personalities that are like the concentrated syrup of a normal human soul, and every day is a day of getting to know them better.

I was a youth pastor with an M.Div. which was weird, but I didn’t know of any other way to do it so I talked to junior high and senior high students about the kingdom of God and the meaning of Greek words, and they humored me most of the time and trusted that I was telling the truth.

In June of 2013, after almost 10 years in youth ministry, I said goodbye to the ministry I’ve loved, and in August became a pastor for the whole church. I am now the pastor at New Hope Community Church of God in Dayton, Ohio where we’re seeking to live faithfully before the Lord as we re-imagine what that will look like in our neighborhood.

And all the while I’ve drawn pictures and tried to make things that looked good, functioned well, and communicated the deep things of life clearly. I’ve worked as a professional graphic designer since 2001, and every time I think it’s time stop life pulls me back in, and that’s ok.